Monday, November 19, 2007

US Government and FAA Liquid Carry-On Rule Explained

If you've done any travel on planes recently you would have noticed that you're only allowed 100mL (3.4 fluid oz.) of liquids in your carry-on luggage. This is in response to the averted terrorist plot of August 2006. Here's the Transport Security Administration's ruling.

I think it is more a proof-of-concept challenge. You know, like the software company that sets up a competition to crack their supposedly hacker-proof software. The United States government and the Federal Aviation Authority have put their heads together and obviously agreed that terrorists carrying large fluid-based bombs onto planes are too easy to spot. They want a challenge and have thinly veiled this challenge with a "Make your fluid-based bomb less than 100mL to give us a bit of a challenge, guys." As you are probably aware the US government only allows encryption keys of a particular size to be used in software once they have the capability to break it. So why would it be any different for bombs?

Perhaps the US army is trying bomb manufacturing experts. Somebody gets on a plane with less than 100mL of fluid explosive and manages to blow up the whole plane. That would be pretty spectacular. But the bomb maker wouldn't be onboard. That's not the way terrorists work. The smart guy stays in one piece. Track him down and offer him a well paid job. They could use some good bomb makers.

There you have it. The restrictions on fluids in carry-on luggage are nothing more than a recruiting drive.


Anonymous said...

They are doing it because, it is so easy to make a bomb out of simple water!!! Terrorists are too nuts already but, it is a challenge they cannot uphold so, there is always serious danger. HAve a great week. We love those the You tube videos. Annette

Muhd said...


how do you know a bottle of facial wash is not compressed nitrogen ? liquids should be banned totally. But you know what, its gonna screw up someday. Somebody's gonna get blamed for it anyway. Which cavemen gets it this time ??


Hammy said...

Got a bite out of someone, at least.

Anonymous said...

Ya nuts I know just like the first hydrogen bomb. Annette

killer skillet said...

This might be one of the most incorrect, incoherent ramblings of a misguided attempt at sounding intelligent i've ever come across.

Hammy said...

Dear killer skillet,

This might be one of the most incorrect, incoherent ramblings of a misguided attempt at sounding intelligent you've ever come across. But don't sell yourself short. I have plenty of other posts of a similar vein.