Sunday, November 18, 2007

What's Going On In This Year's Election?

I haven't taken too much notice of what the politicians are saying in this year's federal election. The two major parties, Liberals/National Party and the Labor Party, have agreed on pretty much everything so there doesn't seem to be too much difference.

I did hear one thing that made me take notice. The Labor Party will ban universities from offering full fee-paying student places for Australians from 2009. Why, I might ask? I paid as a full fee-paying student to attend university. The universities offer a limited number of places for school leavers, add several thousand overseas students who pay about four times as much as Australian fee-paying students do, and then top it up with a few full fee-payers. I was more than happy to pay to receive a higher education. Guess there's a bit of Liberal-thinking user pays mentality there but it didn't bother me. Even though I experienced nearly three years of earning bugger all money I'd say that it is starting to pay off.

What is the Labor Party's thinking on this issue? It's got me beat. Do they think that education should be free for all Aussies? Maybe we'd better ask Peter Garrett as he seems to have a real answer for all of the opposition's policies. He breaks through the claptrack and says what the real plans are.

Who's gonna win the election? Labor is streets ahead in the polls and apparently the mortgage belt is favouring Labor 57-43 in a two-party preferred vote. It doesn't bode well for little Johnny.

It doesn't matter who you vote for because you still get the government.

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Susan Ham said...

How true. It has been said, that we get the government we deserve. The jury is out on that one.