Saturday, November 24, 2007

Election Omen?

Taking the boy to music school this morning and we noticed the Mitchell Freeway heading from the city northwards was blocked off. Very unusual and lots of traffic was building. I found out a short time later on the news that there was a fatal accident where one man had died. In front of Parliament House. And it's the day of the federal election. What does that mean, if anything?

It's not as if parliament dies. Maybe it means that the Labor Party will take office. Yes, the parliament would be pretty dead then. Or is it that the Liberals will retain power with all of their dead wood? Buggered if I know. I don't know who will win the election either. It'll be a landslide to Labor or a very narrow win. Either way, Kim Beazley is sure to come out and say that he could have won the election. Bound to happen.


Anonymous said...

People usually do die in fatal accidents!

Anonymous said...

Please be careful Hammy and your family. Good luck. Annette

Hammy said...

Perhaps I should have written "There was a single fatality in the accident." Poor journalism, I know.