Sunday, November 25, 2007

For Sale

For Sale - Liberal Party. Slightly battered and bruised, ego damaged, Rudderless, leaderless, drifting, dead wood (Downer, Howard, etc) to be set adrift, will spend the next few years in the wilderness. (Almost) free to a good home.

I doubt that Peter Costello will hang around for three years as leader of the opposition. It is sad to see that the man who should be prime minister will not be given that chance. And now we will see the jockeying for position within the Liberals. Whoever is promoted to the leadership had better do a damn fine job or they will have lots of knives to remove. I think that if Malcolm Turnbull holds his seat he'll wait to strike a couple of years down the track. Have we seen the last of Alexander Bummer, er Downer? I hope we've heard the last of him.

In a way I'm glad to see the back of some of the Liberal Party dead wood. They were becoming arrogant, I'm talking Tony Abbott here, and feeling that they had a right to govern without needing to listen. Big surprise for them, eh? It's going to be an interesting three years, federally at least.


Anonymous said...

Interestingly there are news reports in The Australian this morning that Costello will resign from parliament. My tip is that Downer will do the same and Malcolm Turnbull will become opposition leader. Is this the beginning of a long downward spiral of the Liberal Party?


Anonymous said...

Blow that cash vote liberal not ha ha ha Annette