Sunday, November 11, 2007

It's My Lucky Day. Or Weekend.

Good luck has been following me everywhere this weekend, it seems. I finished work early on Saturday and went shopping for a new backpack with Miky and the boy. I'd had a look on Thursday night and found one that I like and then checked online to find the same design $9 cheaper after freight. Buying online could pose a problem if I had to return it as faulty. We decided that it would be better to search in the city first.

Found the bag in Myer but not the colour I wanted. Was going to have a look at a couple more shops before ordering the one online as it had the colour I was chasing. So, second last shop on my list and they had an even better design from the same company with only an additional $0.95. I mentioned to the shop assistant, quite likely the owner, that I was thinking of buying it in Myer. She asked me why and I replied that I would get some points for doing so. Out came the calculator and she knocked $10 off the price. That was a good start.

After dropping the boy off at taekwondo I decided to buy a paper. One of the largest companies in Australian retail, Coles, had just been taken over by another company that I own, Wesfarmers. So I wanted to read all the good news. I wasn't sure about walking over to the shopping centre in the heat as I planned to go over after taekwondo to buy some milk and ice creams. Still, I went. On the way I rang Miky for some reason and because it was windy I took shelter so that the phone call wouldn't be affected. Lo and behold there was a $20 note on the ground. It was a good move going to buy that paper after all. On the way back I found a five cent coin as well.

Yu-Jin and I dropped into the video store to collect two free weeklies that he had won for doing well in a dictation test. There was also an offer of taking a new release for $4. Seeing as the latest releases only cost $2.95 I didn't think that that was a great offer. Miky and I wanted to see The Illusionist and that was only $1.95. The lady serving us thought that I should get another movie as I hadn't reached the $4 but I explained that I was paying for any more than the two free weeklies so it didn't make any sense. She thought that it wasn't sensible either and gave me the new release for free too!

The boy and I headed to the pool. When we arrived the person at the desk was on the phone and for some reason, unbeknownst to me, gave us about $2.90 off the entry price.

This morning I recharged my mobile and Miky's as well. I won a prize for recharging and received 40 free SMS text messages. Miky won a prize also and got 10 free SMS texts. Then when I went to the markets to do the fruit and veg shopping there was a free parking spot right at the entrance to the markets. I have never parked there in my life.

Damn. I should have bought a Lotto ticket before all of the good luck was used.


Susan Ham said...

You have always been a 'tinny' sod. Well done you!

Anonymous said...

Good for you. You should now call yourself Lucky Bastard!!! ha ha That is great. Good things happen to good people!! Annette