Tuesday, November 27, 2007

China Sets Up New Special Administrative Region

In news from the weekend China has set up a new Special Administrative Region. It shall be known as Australia SAR. A puppet has already been installed as the leader - Kevin Rudd. In fact, Mr Rudd speaks Mandarin better than 90% of the mainland Chinese population so there will be few communication issues between Australia SAR and China, the motherland.

This means that China will do well at the Beijing Olympics as there will be several hundred representatives from Australia SAR who are in medal contention and these will be added to the motherland's medal tally.

No more worrying about BHP Billiton wanting to buy Rio Tinto or the rumours that China Investment Corp (CIC) will be required to make a bid for Rio Tinto on behalf of the motherland to block the move. No, with Australia SAR established these once Australian businesses can be nationalised and absorbed by the motherland without having to pay a cent. There go the worries about raw materials supply.

The establishment of Australia SAR will mean the dropping of the 457 visa for foreign workers. Just import workers from the motherland at will. Wherever the workers are needed they can be deployed within days. Who said Australia SAR was suffering from low unemployment? There are millions of workers waiting for these jobs.

Don't fool yourself Australians, er Australia SARians. You voted for Labor in the federal election and you've picked up Chinese ownership in the process.


Anonymous said...

Those commies. I am cleaning up my act so, Mr. Perfect HAmmy does'nt kick me off. Annette

Tanzeela said...

Another Singapore in the making? Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!
I just evacuated, I don't wish to evacuate again!