Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hot Couple Of Days

It usually starts heating up in November and this year is no exception. Still spring time but that doesn't seem to be the point. On Sunday it was going to be warm and so that meant an ideal opportunity to clean the air conditioner. And it needed it. And we needed it a bit later on in the day as the temperature climbed to 37.0 degrees (98.6 F). I also replaced one of the garden sprinkler heads and the aerator on the bathroom tap. Didn't get around to fixing the laundry tap but that will happen.

Yesterday, the start of the working week, was even hotter. The mercury rose to 39.8 degrees (103.6 F) which meant only a short walk at lunch time. By the same time next week it's supposed to be only 22 degrees (71.6 F) so things can turn around quite quickly.


Susan Ham said...

Something steamy, this way cometh.

Anonymous said...

Ya Hammy Mr. hot Stuff!! Have a great week. Annette

Tanzeela said...

The weather's playing with us here in Melby...Mother nature can't seem to decide between the highs and lows...so she gave us both!