Thursday, November 01, 2007

Amusing Bus Ride

The bus was quite late yesterday. I was starting to think that I had missed it altogether. When it finally arrived it wasn't the usual driver at the wheel. No problem with that. It was amusing when we came to a major intersection and she called out, "Which way does this bus normally go?"

And you thought that people don't like to be told how to do their job?


Anonymous said...

Tell them no drinking on the job ha ha That is messed up. Annette

Tanzeela said...

You certain she didn't hijack the bus and hid the usual driver somewhere? Really hilarious!

Hammy said...

She thanked us for the directions later on. Just part and parcel of having a booming economy and no-one to take the jobs.

Mind you, should could have hijacked the bus reminiscent of the guy who wanted to rob a drive-through coffee shop and when there wasn't enough money in the till he worked the shop for an hour to have enough to steal. Most people don't pay cash for their bus trip though - they use a Smartrider.