Tuesday, November 08, 2005

What If I Spent My Day Speaking My Mind?

Liar Liar starring Jim Carrey is one of my favourite comedies. Quick premise - a lawyer, known for his ability to lie, must tell the truth for 24 hours and can't help but speak his mind. Hilarity ensues as he embarresses himself constantly.

Now if I had a day where everyone could hear my thoughts I think that I would soon get myself in trouble.

Speaking to a customer who is just a tyre-kicker - Get off the phone you jerk and stop wasting my time.

To people in cars whilst driving - Where's your blinker you idiot? Why aren't you wearing a seatbelt you twit? Get out of my way moron. You do look like a prize dickhead in your Holden, don't you? Don't try and push in front of me when crossing lanes on a solid white line you bastard.

Walking past someone and they don't say hello - Stuck up bitch. What's your problem?

There are plenty of examples that aren't printable. Trust me. Am I just an angry man or does everyone have similar feelings? At least if I say them to myself I feel a bit better.


lori said...

you sound like you're an angry man...

you need your wife! STAT

Anonymous said...

He needs something. Maybe a real punching bag, to get his frustrations out of his system!