Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Parking Meters Annoy Me

Had to pop into the city tonight after work to buy some presents for people we will be visiting during our travels. I rang another friend in Japan last night and they live close to where we are visiting. Therefore, we need to visit them too. I haven't seen them for nine years so it will be wonderful to see them again.

I'm not against parking meters. If they weren't there then it would be impossible to park in the city. What gets me is that you find your parking spot and then the local council has the nerve to charge you 10 minutes just for the privilege before you effectively pay for any parking that you require. It was 5:25 pm and I only needed to pay for 5 mins but I really had to pay for 15 mins. Why should I pay for 10 mins of time that I am unable to use?

Perhaps the council thinks that you will be guilty of being up to 10 mins late so they may as well recoup their losses. I'd like to see it go to court actually.

Neighbour Is Going To Look After The Garden

Had a chat to the neighbour tonight. She has offered to look after the garden whilst I am gone. And just as I'm about to go away the hot weather suddenly appears. We had 34.7 degrees and it must have been about five or six months since that last happened. During the process of showing my neighbour how I would like the garden to be looked after I realised how much trouble it was going to be. I hope that it is still alive in three weeks time. I've only set the reticulation for the backyard which will take care of the lawn in the morning. It still needs to be looked after for a few weeks yet.

We've got some tomatoes growing out the back. They grew from compost and one of them had seven tomatoes growing on it's branches. I found today that that bird creature/s, most likely, had eaten the majority of the most ripe tomato. "Utter, utter, utter, utter bastard," in the words of Rik Mayall. It looks likely that the tomatoes will ripen just as I depart and will be all gone by the time I return.

To think that the best and most easy plant to grow actually grew by itself from waste. I did plant an onion that had decided, of its own accord, to grow whilst still in the fridge. It is shooting skywards.

More gardening tips upon my return in a months time.


megha said...

you're all set to go! wow :) this time is the most wonderful, na?

Hammy said...

It's a terrible time actually. I don't really wish to be at work as I just want to start the holiday. And then there is the mountain of work I must get through before leaving work today - there has to be a handover of jobs that I have on the go as well.

Sometimes you have to work too hard just to go on holidays.

Hammysmum said...

To quote the late Joyce Grenfell, "You need a holiday, to get over a holiday!"
(She was an English comidenne.)

Hammysmum said...

You can't argue with the powers that be. They get you coming and going.

nick said...

parking meters used to annoy me in Melbourne, always getting busted in the cbd with my old merc! giot one a week before we left and tried to hide it on coco by combining it with another unpaid one, but she found out!