Monday, November 07, 2005

Had A Win Whilst Out Shopping

Or should I entitle it "Don't try to put one over the Frugal Bastard?" On Saturday I was looking for some mugs with Australian native animals or wildflowers painted on them as presents to take to the out-laws, er in-laws. I had been to the same shop the weekend before and noticed that they were now on special. Still, I wasn't happy with the price and asked one of the shop assistants "If I buy four mugs will you knock something off the price?"
"No, they are already on special."

I was just about to admit defeat when I picked up the packaging containing the mugs and noticed another sticker which had an RRP marked on it. I asked the assistant to look at it and she said that maybe that was their buy price. Excuse me, RRP means recommended retail price. It has nothing to do with your buy price. Incidentally, the RRP was less than 40% of their normal sell price. She spoke to the manager about it and so I got them at the correct price and not the grossly inflated tourist price.

Isn't it nice to ask for a discount, get knocked back, and still get the discounted price?

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Hammysmum said...

Yup! I'll pay that one.