Monday, November 14, 2005

Pretty Much Packed And Ready To Go

I spent yesterday afternoon watching a cricket match on the telly and cleaning up the house. The place has to look like a single bloke hasn't been living in it. Just so the missus thinks that I have been behaving myself, you know. What concerns me is that I can't use the toilet or the bathroom basin for the next four days so as not to get them dirty. I think perhaps it was a mistake to do the cleaning before Wednesday night.

The luggage is pretty much packed. There were a few last minute items to pack that the missus wanted but I'm just about set to go. There will be time for a hit of golf on Thursday before I depart so the timing is quite good.

Went for a quick bike ride yesterday arvo to get some more snail pellets and a paper. I'm a worried about the "lawn" (dare I call it that?) as it is about the only bit of greenery at our place and I have caught a few snails much on it. These snails have some nerve, you know. As I said, I went for a quick bike ride and I spotted the celebrant who married us, Cyril Fenn. On the way back I dropped in to say "G'day". I could tell that he didn't recognise me but it was eight years ago and I did have sunscreen and a bike helmet on. We had a chat about lots of things and I asked him how many marriages he has performed over the years - 9000. He's 76 now and things are starting to quieten down. I thought he was 75 when we got married! It was good to catch up with him again. Cyril was a bit disappointed about his age as he is also a JP (Justice of the Peace) and once he reached 75 they took away many of his powers, such as signing search warrants for police. Interesting.

Got home and cooked tea for myself and my mate Bill. He's done some ligament damage to his ankle and can't do a hell of a lot for himself. It was great to sit down for a couple of cups of tea and have a chinwag. Had to leave by 8 o'clock though as getting up a 4 am had me a bit buggered.

Of course, the vicious circle has begun and I was up a five this morning. Early to bed and early to rise means that you can't sleep in any more.


Hammysmum said...

Tell Bill, I empathise and sympathise with him.How did he do it?

Anonymous said...

ouch for Bill's ankle, i'm glad you're a good friend.

Secondly, will you be blogging from South Korea? I assume since David blogs that you'll be able to!

lori said...

I'm not anonymous.. it was me!

Hammy said...

Hi Lori - you certainly aren't anonymous. Not sure how well I will go at blogging in Korea as they may not allow me to upload pictures/files etc. If that is the case then prepare to be gobsmacked by Staypuff Nth Korea-size postings upon my return.

You have been warned.

Hammysmum said...

Staypuff. Please explain! I suppose that means very big?

Hammy said...