Wednesday, November 09, 2005

What Flavour Do Children Taste Like?

You may be aware that I am not partial to snails. I bought some snail pellets yesterday and broadcast them over the green, leafy plants in the garden. Not that there are a lot of snails visible in our garden but just to be on the safe side, you know. The little buggers are probably hiding all over the place however.

Child Taste Deterrent?

A claim on the front of the packet of "CHILD TASTE DETERRENT" had me thinking. Don't snails like the taste of children? Would that particular taste not appeal to the snail to such a degree that he would take his green, leafy plant-eating self elsewhere?

If snails don't like the taste of children what, in fact, do children taste like? My guess is that it's not like chicken. Fill me in if you have any suggestions.


Hammysmum said...

This is a prime example of the kind of ads that people send in to Choice magazine. They print them on the back cover. Over to you.

Joe said...

I may be wrong on this, but I think that you have it backwards. The pellets keep the snails from tasting like children, which any escargot eater knows is a bad thing.

Hammy said...

Maybe on my next morning walk I collect a few snails. I think you have to keep them for five days without feeding them and then boil 'em. I'll see if there are any that have the taste of children and have obviously been eating the pellets and those that taste like children, whatever flavour that may be, who have stayed off the pellets.

Think I'll give the slugs a wide berth though.

ben said...

If the Chinese ate them there would be less snails around.

Wait, could any Asian reader tell me the meaning of Lokon in Chinese?

ben said...

The marine snail that the chinese eat is called abalone.

Hammy said...

If escargot tastes like abalone then you can count me out. Don't like that stuff. If the Chinese ate snails there would be no problem with snail numbers. Keep in mind that Mao Tse Tung had people scare sparrows for a couple of days as he deemed them to cause problems with the crops. As soon as there were no birds to eat the insects that destroyed crops the Chinese were welcomed with three years of famine. What environmental imbalance would occur should the snail population be stamped out?

I read many years ago that Tokyo had a national day to catch flies and some 18 million were estimated to have been killed.

ben said...

What is common between abalone, shark fin, and rhinoceros horn? They are considered by the Chinese to have aphrodisiac powers (whatever that mean).

So if you want to the Chinese to start eating snails, start the rumour that snails have aphrodisiac powers.

Hammy said...

Snails (some) are hermaphrodites so there must be something in that. Strange powers of reproduction.