Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Off To Japan In A Few Minutes

Won't be long and we'll be off to Japan for a few days. We're at the ferry terminal and the public Internet costs only "100 won will be use for 5 miniutes" - English spelling in Busan is much better than country Geojedo but they still make me laugh. I have a few photos of funny signs to show but that will be done later.

Miky is getting a little excited as she knows both Korea and Australia and has never been to Japan. Seeing as neither of us speak Japanese it will be a bit difficult but I'm sure we'll get by.

Yu-Jin has been keeping busy playing computer games for the last half an hour. Oh yeah, it costs about $1.50/hr which is pretty damn reasonable.

Quite chilly over here at the moment. Top temp is about 14 degrees and low of about 5. Yesterday Yu-Jin and I went to Beomeosa, a temple, and then decided to climb one of the nearby mountains. I can't believe that we managed to do that as it was quite a trek up. People everywhere want to touch Yu-Jin's hair, say "Hello" and give him food. All the girls think he is cute and drive him crazy.

Gotta go. All aboard!!


Hammysmum said...

I thought Mi-Ja was going with you to Japan. Do people think touching Yu-Jin's hair will bring them luck?

Hammysmum said...

5 degrees is warm. It was only 0.08 at Mt. Gambier yesterday!