Monday, November 07, 2005


You may remember a few months ago now I threw out a TV where the picture had gone almost completely white. Within half a game of football it had been taken from the rubbish collection. Hardly surprising that. Well, talk about me being gobsmacked tonight.

I had a look outside the front door and there was my TV. I thought that the person who initially took it was so upset that it didn't work that they had decided to drop it back on my doorstep. Not the case. It had a note that it had been repaired and left a name and phone number of the guy who did. He had even added that it was done free of charge. Who is this strange person working his magic and gobsmacking innocent citizens I hear you ask?

It was my neighbour. He's a reclusive young man who had a horrible accident whereby he was terribly burnt and much of his face is melted and there's not a lot left of his fingers. I've only seen him about a dozen times, if I'm lucky, in the three years that I have lived here. Keeps to himself.

I'm gonna have to pop over and say a big thankyou. I'm still gobsmacked.

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Hammysmum said...

Give him a pat on the back for me, please. A magnificent young man indeed.