Monday, November 07, 2005

How Best Should The Government Waste Our Money?

I'm with the Opposition Leader in Western Australia on this issue. Western Australian school leavers, or "schoolies" as they are more popularly known, have big plans for after school parties - take a look at the article in The West Australian.

The fact that a great deal of sex is on the agenda has the WA AIDS Council concerned. So concerned that they will be handing out taxpayer-funded condoms for free. Matt Birnie, leader of the Opposition, thinks that this isn't appropriate. "But", the AIDS Council retaliated, "We will be asking them first to abstain."

WTF? This doesn't sound like a good idea. "Don't have sex!! Oh, here's a free condom." What sort of message are we handing our kids? They are old enough to buy condoms themselves and I'm sure a lot of them already do.

All I need now is to see other taxpayer-funded idiocy such as "Don't drink alcohol!! Oh, here's heaps of free booze." Or "Don't do drugs!! Oh, here's some free ecstasy." How about "Don't smoke!! Oh, have a ciggy."?

I'm really surprised that this isn't Labor Party policy actually.

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