Sunday, November 06, 2005

Another Weekend Older

And still I have little worthwhile talking about. I did absolutely sod-all yesterday. Spent nearly the whole day in front of the computer. Downloaded a few videos including a number of "Numa Numa" vids and had a good laugh. Go to and search for "numa numa" and you will find out what I'm talking about. Did the shopping that was required - basically bread and milk. I have bugger all shopping to do these days as I'm trying to empty the cupboards before going away.

Played golf at Whaleback today from lunchtime. Played with Shayne again - his cousin Joe appeared to be under the weather from the party the previous night as he didn't make an appearance. Danny, a 60 year old with eight kids, joined us. Can't say I blame him for getting out and playing golf. Just as we were about to tee off Anthony, an employee of the course, rocked up and asked to play along. We certainly didn't mind. Anthony said that he was just a hacker but he had a very smooth swing and looked to be a single-figure handicapper.

Anthony was the best golfer in the group so he teamed up with Shayne and Danny and I paired off [Editor's Note - Starting to sound a bit risque]. Danny shot a 43 on the front nine which wasn't too bad considering that he'd just had some gallstones removed and showed us the scars to prove it. Anthony hit a 42 which included at least three duffed chips and a couple of putts. This kid could shoot anything if he put his mind to it. I had a 46 (18 putts) which wasn't too bad. Let's just say that Shayne brought up the rear of the field.

I was on in one on the 8th - my ball is on the left. Danny is there for two. Lipped out with the birdie putt.

Shayne and I were left to our own devices on the back nine and our golf deteriorated. It is good to have some competition as it pushes you along. Something amazing happened on the 15th. It's a par-4 305m hole and Shayne's ball struck the top of the 150m marker, bounced back to the middle of the fairway and ended up another 110m down the fairway! He was only 30-40m from the hole. If it hadn't hit the marker he would have been only another 15-20m into the sandy rubbish off the fairways and amongst the trees. It was a truly astounding bounce. Not that he made the most of his good fortune as he chipped onto the green and then four-putted for a double bogey.

Beautiful view from the 12th green. Treacherous downhill over the back however.

Shayne obviously thinking "What the hell do I do to get out of here?"

I managed to get onto a couple of the par-3s in regulation which was a lovely feeling. Even hit three pars for the day. Missed two birdie putts which was a bummer. Back nine was a horrendous 51 (20 putts) which included a nine. Shayne hit a 13 on that hole - with only two putts! He could not find the green, try as he might.

Saw a couple of other blokes on the course that I know so it wasn't a bad day. Got to try out my new akubra and I must say I looked alright in it. Well, I'd have to say that, wouldn't I? Hit some lovely irons today also.

Made a beeline for Dominos Pizza after golf. Didn't feel much like cooking. Rang my mum and watered the garden at the same time. Afterwards I rang Miky and we spoke for close on an hour. Can't say that we had a lot to talk about as we spoke yesterday but material was forthcoming. Not long to go now.

Das ist Alles.


megha said...

i never get your posts on golf.

Hammy said...

Neither does my mum.

Nick Souter said...

Shayne thinking "will that guy just put down that bloody camera so I can get on with the game!"

Hammysmum said...

Nick, his nearly blind mother is more of a photo fiend than he is!!! Takes darn good ones, too.

Hammysmum said...

Mark, have you logged on to Nick's blog today? Maybe you should take note of his golf swing. It might help with your game!!!!????

Hammy said...

What gives you the idea that I will ever take lessons about sport from Nick?!?! How insulting. Well I never. He's just posing. Really. It wasn't a real shot. Believe me.

Hammysmum said...

I did wonder!!