Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Real Truth About Blogging?

Do I detect a blogging war about to erupt? Mr Souter is making some loud statements about the reasons we blog, on his blog. Methinks he is actually very funny.

I particularly enjoyed his comment that Freud thought blogging was a substitute for masturbation (and gambling) when that is how he came to meet his wife [If this posting was about a Hollywood celebrity, or past one, it would have mentioned his current wife, but that is not the case and so won't be mentioned]. And just to clear up any misconceptions - he was gambling at the time, not looking for loose change in the pockets to place on the table. I'd just like to make that very clear.

My reasons for blogging are not the same as his, gratuitous undertones they may be, so I have to refute his stance on the matter. [If I use enough big words he mightn't be able to understand that I don't agree him. Words like "crap" and "BS" aren't big enough.]

Blog away. Be carefree with your thoughts. Pay no attention to Mr Souter that lover of controversy and contradiction. I have rampant thoughts of Monty Python's "The Argument Sketch" at the moment.


Hammysmum said...

Oh, I do wish I could put a comment on Nick's blog!!!

Nick Souter said...

Oh come on! I'm right! You know i'm right! I wasn't gambling the night I met my wife, i hate the casino, but nothing else was open at 3am and we didn't want to go home yet (the night was young!) but I was drunk because I'd won john $280 on roulette using his chips while he'd gone to the toilet, so he shouted me drinks for the rest of the night and gave me $50 of the winnings. How I met my wife, that part of the night is a bit blurry... :)

Hammy said...

Just geeing you up Nick. How nice of you to share that story with the world.