Sunday, November 20, 2005

All Safe And Sound

I've arrived in Korea safe and sound. Just managed to get to where the family are staying in time to watch Yu-Jin's last taekwondo lesson. I took a lot of video and just before the photo opportunity with his teacher presented itself, the battery went flat. It was charged just before I left. That's what happens when you take over a hundred photos and probably 20 mins of video. Then the dilemma struck - where do I find an adapter? Miky did a bit of searching and was told that she may be able to order one from the mainland. Oh no!

Had to use Miky's camera when Yu-Jin and I visited the Prisoner of War camp in Geoje (거제). So embarrasing. Last night I met a fellow Perthite who lives and works on the island. He gave me an Australian plug and I managed to find an extension lead to butcher and create an lead for myself. My battery is now charging nicely.

Going to be a long time before I post any photos. Just borrowing my sister-in-laws computer while I have the time.

Plenty going on over here and it takes so much time to fill in the diary.

We're going to Japan on Wednesday for a few days. Should be good fun and we will get to catch up with a few friends. Sayonara.


Hammysmum said...

Thank you for setting your ol' mum's mind at rest. Enjoy! Can't wait to see video etc.

megha said...

have a great great time :)

tmz_99 said...

wow, sounds like a wicked beggining to a great holiday.. :)
Dont get too focused on recording everything on here, what is in your memories is what matters most. :)

ben said...

Memories goes away, pictures stays unless accidentally deleted. However, enjoy the moment and let someone else take the pictures.

Joe said...

Sounds like a great trip, Hammy. Hopefully you'll post pictures upon your return.

lori said...

excellent stuff Hammy! I am looking forward to the pics :) I feel real envious right now of you and david!