Saturday, May 01, 2004

Yu-Jin's McDonald's Birthday Party Pics

Yeah, what a great party. See the pics here. Feedback from other parents included positive comments - kids' comments too. I'm so glad that things ran smoothly. Kids had a good time and that was what it was all about. Miky cooked some food for the adults that were in attendance and it was toooooo much. Best thing was that the kids were mainly from childcare and actually Yu-Jin's friends.

During the McDonald's party there are supposed to be games. The girl, Kirsten, who was running the show, asked me if we wanted to play some games with the kids. Seeing as they were all running around outside in the playground I couldn't see the point of interrupting their fun. Just get the cakes ready, one for the kids (ice cream) and one for the adults (pecan nut coffee from the Cheesecake Shop), and then we can have them all together. I had two slices of ice cream cake and one of the pecan nut. Spent most of my time talking to the adults and kids - nice to be at a party where I know most of the people.

The night before Yu-Jin helped all of us - mum, dad, aunty and grandma - to pack the lolly bags. And there wasn't a single kid who was going to miss out on a lolly bag. Yu-Jin was making sure of that.

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