Saturday, May 29, 2004

Trip To Jarrahdale

The decision was made last night. We were to leave in the morning for a trip to the countryside. I only made up my mind five minutes before getting in the car as to where we were going. The plan was Serpentine Dam. It would give the out-laws a chance to see some of the country that they were visiting.

We headed south for about an hour and came to Jarrahdale. It is an old logging town and the main tree is Jarrah. Just out of town is a scenic route and we found a BBQ and walking area nearby. A picturesque little spot, complete with polluted dam, and burnt cars. Forgive my cynicism.

It was very nice and quiet to walk around the Yackas and trees with almost nobody else around and life almost coming to a standstill. Also gave us a chance to have a family photo and one of Yu-Jin and myself. Here's a pic of my sister- and mother-in-law along with Miky. Yu-Jin got to walk on some large logs in the area and have a look at a hollowed tree. Not that he was too interested and he didn't particularly enjoy falling on his bum a few times as the paths were nothing more than loose stones. As this was once a mine site there was a cleared area where trees were coming back but here is a photo of Yu-Jin in that area but where you can't see the area itself.

Following this we had a snack in the restaurant/cafe. Chips, garlic bread and tea and coffee. Yu-Jin had an ice cream instead of a drink. They weren't prepared to make a milkshake for him. And the bloke calls himself a chef?

Back to the big smoke and lunch at the Dumpling King. Mandoo, noodles and sweet and sour pork. Nice lunch. Almost bumped into someone that we don't have any contact with but they ate their meal and pretended to ignore us too. Then we went downtown to do some shopping and have a couple of haircuts, Yu-Jin and Miky. Yu-Jin and I left to go home following Yu-Jin's cut and spend the next hour and a bit in a playground near our house. We have four that we can walk to. Some large machinery was in the playground and I took the opportunity to take two pics of Yu-Jin with road rollers (and 2).

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