Monday, May 10, 2004

Korean Blonde

If they had any other hair colour in Korea then my wife would be a blonde.

Last time she took a driving test she was supposed to meet me at a quarter to two in the afternoon. Getting herself caught up with viewing a fashion show she thought that the time was a quarter past two. At 2:22 she met me. Well, we were about eight minutes late and that didn't impress the driving tester. Testy is what he became.

Fast forward about six weeks until today. Her appointment is a 7:05. We arose at 5 am, I had breakfast, got everything ready for work, Miky prepared her gear for study, etc. We left home at 5:50 am and arrived at the testing station, about 45 kilometres away, by 6:25. Great, 40 minutes to have a drive (I had to drive there as it was on the freeway and Miky isn't allowed on it) and relax - if possible - before the test.

The testing personnel poked their heads outside. It starts raining. It is still reasonably dark. We get down to the last tester and he is looking for "Ricky". Sounds pretty close to "Miky". Well, we didn't expect that to be for us and so ignored him for five minutes. Then I asked him to make sure. He went inside to check the computer.

It was at this stage that Miky checked her appointment - yes indeed, it was for 7:05. But on the THIRTEENTH DAY OF MAY, not the tenth. Aaaaaagh!!!

Nevermind. We know what time to leave home on THURSDAY morning. My wife still makes me laugh after six and a half years of marriage. Hehe.

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