Saturday, May 01, 2004

Yu-Jin Doesn't Miss a Trick

Even though he went to bed late the night before it wasn't difficult to get Yu-Jin out of bed on the morning of his birthday. I just had to call him "Birthday Boy" and that did the trick. When I asked what clothes he wanted to wear he replied, "Nothing", which would have been quite apt - his birthday suit.

After he got up he asked if he could get his present - he had seen them in the wardrobe previously. Following the unwrapping of the first present he asked if he could unwrap the second present. After this he asked about the third present. This had me a little dumbfounded. "What third present," I thought. "The one up the top," he explained.

At the top of the wardrobe about a month ago he had noticed something else and when he showed me I just pushed it backwards so he couldn't see it and said that it was for his birthday. Actually, it was a Christmas present, one of many, that we put somewhere and forgot about.

I tell you what, he never forgets. He's as sharp as a tack and there is no putting anything past him. I wish I had a memory like him.

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