Friday, May 14, 2004

Yu-Jin The Fussy Eater

Well, he went and blew that theory out of the water last night. After Miky failed her test yesterday her mum felt bad and wanted to take us out to KFC for tea. Yu-Jin is only used to McDonalds. I have told him repeatedly that Hungry Jack's tastes terrible and that is well ingrained into his brain.

Yu-Jin's major concern with KFC was whether he would get a toy or not. I had to explain several times that KFC don't do toys and the inevitable question of why don't they do toys like McDonalds.

He's not a big eater of chicken. Tell you what though, he started hoeing into that chicken like there was no tomorrow. People from my father's generation appreciated the food that they had and leave the bones clean. My in-laws are in the same vein. Miky and I are obviously too well fed to clean up the bones properly. Yu-Jin is normally a very fussy eater and it takes much convincing to get him to eat greens, apart from broccoli and beans, along with mushrooms. Well, he cleaned up the chicken bones like he came from another generation and there is no way that I will clean up a chicken bone like that.

He quite enjoyed his experience at KFC. Besides, the chips with chicken salt are so much better too. Strangely, no further mention about toys. Talk about yak though. He didn't shutup the whole time we were eating. I told him that my grandma used to boil the chicken bones for long enough that they were edible. He then starts telling the story to anyone that will listen, or can't get outside of audible range. Nevermind, I think that he will be a clever kid as he shows a lot of interest in things that you tell him.

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