Monday, May 17, 2004

Yu-Jin Is A Handful

Dunno whether it is because he is a four-year old or the fact that his aunty and grandma from Korea are staying with us, but boy is he becoming a handful. There is a certain problem with following any instructions and distractions are all-encompassing. Yu-Jin's childcare senior has mentioned that he is too rough. I find this a little bit amusing as he is almost the smallest kid there. On Friday he came home with a deep scratch under his left eye and wouldn't tell us who did it. And the carers never give out any names of perpetrators.

Just yesterday we were playing "lions" and he gave me a swipe. Copped me fair in the head and it stung. I see what they mean when they say he is too rough. How am I supposed to put a stop to this behaviour? Don't worry, the smack is used but it doesn't seem to be very effective these days. He is very strong-willed and stubborn.

It was a bit of a wet day yesterday but I took Yu-Jin, aunty and grandma up to Kings Park and to the Western Power Playground. They have lots of wooden objects to climb on, some concrete dinosaurs to climb over, swings, slides etc. He loved it. Luckily the weather cleared up somewhat and it turned out to be ok. I have a video of him sliding down a pole like a firefighter that I may upload and link at a later date.

Managed to watch all of the wonderful win by Essendon on Friday night. Didn't mind the commercials as I was able to watch a bit of the royal wedding on SBS. Straightened the antenna yesterday and the reception is very nice now. Pity about the hole in the wall.

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