Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Few Things I Wanted To Say

We, people who drive cars, are used to hearing the phrase "the US driving season" mentioned when the price of a barrel of oil goes up. What is the US driving season? Is it a period of three months where you are allowed to shoot drivers in the US? Anything like duck season?

Mud Packs

Aren't these just a softening device for women? Let's face it, women put on the mud pack and they look in the mirror. Own up. Are they delighted by what they see. No, unless they are REALLY ugly in the first place. So, they feel much better about themselves once the mud pack comes off. And it doesn't have to make any improvements whatsoever. Women are so easily duped.

Parental Advisory

I'm surprised that the equal opportunities idiots haven't gotten onto this one. What about:
Caregiver Advisory
Guardian Advisory
Big Brother/Sister Advisory?
Big Poofy Second Father Advisory?

Parents aren't the only ones you know. It's time they got with the times.

Funny Sight

Driving to work the other morning and I noticed traffic backed back a bit further than normal on one particular road. Then I saw a car sitting on it's roof on the road. Pretty funny. No ambulance in sight so I guess no-one got hurt. Wish I had the digital camera.

Interesting Job

Have you ever noticed that the blinkers on the car in front of you do not flash at the same rate as your own? Even if the car is the same model? I know that they want to make little improvements for each new car but think about the guy who sets the timing for the blinkers. How difficult must his job be? It is such an exacting science and not very highly regarded.

That's one build up of crap removed from my head. Cya.

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