Thursday, May 20, 2004


I've touched on this subject before. Whilst driving to work yesterday I pulled up at the lights next to a BMW. There was a middle-aged gentleman sitting there and he seemed to be keeping in time with the music. Couldn't be sure if he was listening to the same radio station as myself or perhaps he was suffering from Parkinson's Disease as his motions didn't seem to be keeping time too well.

Why are almost all Subaru drivers the reincarnation of some long-dead champion rally driver? It seems anyone who has a WRX rally-type model has to drive like a complete dickhead. Drivers of Subaru wagons seem to have some of the spirit rubbed onto them as they are a pushy lot also.

The less said about Volvo drivers the better.

Perhaps the biggest lot of losers are those who drive Jeeps or Range Rovers or Land Rovers. I haven't seen too many of them with a courteous attitude and many of them are real estate agents. Hmmmmmm.

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