Sunday, May 30, 2004

A Day Spent Golfing

What better way could you spend a day? It's been nice to get out on the golf course, after 16 months without having a hit, and I got to play with three nice blokes, Ryan, Luffy and Patto, from Geraldton. Jokes about Geraldton will come later.

Shot a 95 of the stick, 50 for the front nine and 45 on the back. Not too bad, considering there was one shot into the water, at least four 3-putts and one 4-putt. I guess the two saves out of the sand and numerous 1-putts that dropped (and gained a few remarks from my playing partners - "Oh, he's finally missed one") made up for it. I guess I scored what I deserved. Ryan, a 7-handicapper, only beat me by two strokes on the back nine. I can be happy with that. Jingos that boy can hit a ball. And the strong breeze that kicked from the time we hit the fourth didn't bother him at all. Ryan hit two over par on the front nine and that was because of a double bogy on the ninth! I've never seen anyone play that well for nine holes. And he made it look so easy.

Patto comes from Adelaide originally and I know some family that he is related to in Bordertown. He said that he bumped into a cabbie from Adelaide, last night, who knew people that he knew in Adelaide. It is a small world, that's for sure. Pity he follows the Adelaide Crows. Geraldton will do that to you. Patto's an older bugger who plays quite well. Funny bugger too. He did mention that there was one girl in Geraldton who was so ugly, that if you had sex with her it proved that you were too lazy to wank yourself. Here in Perth we thought that all the girls in Geraldton were like that.

Luffy is a sparky, like myself. Pretty handy with a driver, well, Ryan's driver, although Patto outdrove him on about four occasions. Did I mention that Patto is just about pensionable age, has a titanium knee and a crook shoulder? Luffy did go close to not going past the ladies' tee on a couple of occasions. Still, he beat me by a stroke so what can I say?

Something quite amazing happened towards the end of the round. At one stage we had to wait for quite a while, our round took five hours actually, so Luffy and Ryan were mucking around chipping the ball to each other. Luffy didn't chip anywhere near that well the whole round. Anyway, Ryan said that he would hit the bin near us. He did. Then he moved in front of the bin, about two metres away, and told us that he would put it in the bin. "Bullshit," we said. I kid you not, this bugger shot the ball into an opening two metres away, at a height of about one metre, with just enough space to put an empty drink bottle into. "Bullshit" is what I think we were all thinking after we saw that shot. Unreal.

Ryan was taking photos of nearly hole on the course. He only missed three or four and that would be the sum total of holes that he didn't play well. Pleasure to watch. The holes that he played well, that is.

Some silly bugger in front of us smacked a ball into the carpark and hit a car but none of us had broken windscreens when we returned to our cars. Something else that struck me as funny - I have a country number plate on my car, but live in the city, and the two vehicles that the other blokes came in, who live in the country, didn't. Work that one out.

Came home and Yu-Jin wondered where I had been. Golfing I told him. "Can I come too?" he said before popping outside in no time at all with his shoes on. Bit late son. We played some golf in the backyard but the club was a bit large for him. Then we played totem tennis, watered the garden, fixed the broken bike seat stand on my bike and Miky and I went for some practice driving. Once home Yu-Jin wanted to play so we did some painting and then played three games of army men. These are men that are at least 20 years old as I have had them from when I was young. Shower and then read a few stories.

Nice way to spend a day. Now I'll just spend the next few days sore and sorry, and thinking of past glories on the golf course. Miky said that I should play golf more often, perhaps once a month as it costs so much. So much as it involves a visit to the chiropractor afterwards.

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