Sunday, May 16, 2004

Home Installation Done Easily?

I love doing things around the home. It gives me some sense of satisfaction to do things myself. I installed an antenna a few weeks ago. Got some industrial quality cable from work and went to put that in yesterday.

What a bastard of a job. My roof space is really limited and filled with cobwebs like you wouldn't believe. I had shoved the cable in the roofspace and after crawling delicately through this space I wasn't able to pull the cable through. Had to get back on the roof and move a tile to get the cable and was able to move it successfully. So the cable didn't pose too much of a problem.

Now, I had some nice wall outlet to put in place. I didn't like the mounting bracket and so I made a large hole behind where the outlet would go so that it would fit nicely in place. Then I started to drill right through the bricks as I have double-brick. This means that I have space between to run a cable down the wall between the bricks. I did notice that I was having trouble getting through the brick and that I had drilled into the middle of it. Couldn't get my tongue (plastic groove tongue for pulling cables through walls) into the brick and thought that I had to drill through to the other side. Had almost made it when I thought that maybe I didn't have double-brick in that particular spot. My fears were upheld. I only had one brick and had almost drilled into the wardrobe in our room behind.

So I ended up drilling a hole in the ceiling and dropping the cable down where everyone could see it. And I have a lovely big hole in the wall to fill in.

Man I love home renovations.

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Anonymous said...

Frugal Bastard I thought you were an electrician!