Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Unfortunate Car Model

We have all seen how cars are named. The Ford Falcon came out as an EA, then an EB, I think they produced the EC which was followed by the ED. Now the guys over at Hyundai need their marketing department to smarten up a bit. Seriously, who came up with the name "Trajet"? What happens when you get to the fourth or fifth model? You will be left with Trajet D and Trajet E. Who is going to buy a car called Tragedy? I know that Volvo used the Bee Gees' song Tragedy to promote their cars but that really sums up Volvo drivers - they are tragic.

Families Visiting Are Nice, But...

I'm not free to fart in my own home. Boy, does that make life less enjoyable.

Same Blood

You have all heard the old saying, "blood is thicker than water". You can tell that Miky, her sister and her mother are the same blood by the way that they do things. They cut the cheese the same way (not farting, see previous post), bread is left in the same hacked manner, taps don't get turned off, tempers have about the same fuse length, etc, etc. There hasn't been any major problems or differences since Miky's family came over. Everyone is getting along very well and nobody is getting on anybody elses nerves. It is too easy to step on the toes of others when you are living with them.

Along the same lines, my sister-in-law will make herself a hot drink, usually coffee, and doesn't ask if I would like one. Much like my wife in that respect. So tonight, when she put the kettle on, I asked Miky, "How does she know that I want tea? She didn't ask me."
Miky passed on the message and my tea was made for me.

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