Friday, May 14, 2004

Terrorism Looks Easy

Be Alert. Not Alarmed.

That's what our government tells us. Listen, Miky had a driving test yesterday at 7:05 am. I was busting to go to the toilet but the licensing centre didn't actually open until 8:15. I knew that there were some toilets nearby and that they should be open from 7 o'clock. Finally found them, and let me tell you, the bushes nearby were looking good at that stage.

Locked! Disappointment was rather evident. The Joondalup TAFE College was nearby. Surely there is a toilet that is open. I couldn't find one. Things were starting to look bad.

After walking through TAFE I came across the Police Academy. Now, here's me, a stranger with a backpack, asking if there is a toilet available. Some guy had no hesitation in telling me where the toilets were and I even asked if it was the Police Academy. I couldn't believe that no-one challenged me as I had no right to be there.

If the police aren't worried about the safety of their own establishment how are ordinary Australians going to fare? Ok, I would have felt pretty bad if I had been challenged and had my bag searched but I would have had more faith in the system.

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