Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Celebrity Spotting

Popped out of the office during the day today and went to the supermarket. Who should I spy but Scott Fisher. Ok, he's the new coach of the Perth Wildcats. Used to be a great player for them. They are in the National Basketball League.

He's big in Perth anyway.

Yu-Jin Hasn't Got The Radio Worked Out Yet

Bless him. I love rock music and so does he. Yu-Jin loves Nickelback and recognises it as soon as it comes on the radio in the car. And he will be quiet for a while and listen. Amazing really.

On Popstars Live tonight, Kayne Taylor sang a Nickelback song. Yu-Jin recognised it and said to me, "We've got that song in the car, haven't we?"

Yesterday we were listening to Three Doors Down's latest song on the radio in the car. Yu-Jin said that it was a lovely song and asked me, "Have we got that song on the computer?"

He doesn't quite realise the difference. I don't have the song on the radio but just love to listen to it in the car. His recognition is good though. Surprised me a bit.

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