Monday, May 03, 2004

Kids Are Funny

What happens when kids are allowed to order what they like at a McDonald's party? Only three out of the eleven kids at Yu-Jin's party ordered soft drink. Even Yu-Jin ordered orange juice and he is crazy about "yucky juice". Kids are always full of surprises.

Dangerous Advertising

You know the ads on the back of taxis that you just can't help reading? I noticed one the other day that was difficult to ignore and even more difficult to read. It was for the musical "We will rock you" but what made it dangerous was the fact that it was upside down and I was driving down the freeway when I noticed it. Reading something upside down when in three lanes of traffic and doing 80 km/h is not recommended.

Busy On The House

It was a lovely day yesterday. Yu-Jin and I went to the playground yesterday, me on foot and Yu-Jin on his trike. We were two hours away from home. Later I decided to do some repairs to the patio at the rear of the house. It leaks a bit when it rains - and I can't remember the last decent rain we had. The other day I got a quote to fix it and replace one of the sheets on the roof with a transparent sheet. Four hundred dollars the guy wanted to slug me. My father reckons that he must have been going on holiday.

Bought the flashing and it was literally a five minute job to put it on. Took a little bit longer to put the two other pieces on after taking the original pieces off. Probably an hour and a quarters work without installing a transparent sheet and it was done. Gee, the roof plumber was going to charge me an arm and a leg to do the job. I'm glad that I did it myself. And not for just saving the money. I feel good after doing something by myself.

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