Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Thoughts On The Golden Globe Awards

Watched a bit of this last night. The missus had it on. I would have preferred to watch Mark Philippoussis at the Australian Open. Have I mentioned that I got his autograph when he was only 18 or 19? Also got Martini Hingis' autograph when she played at the Hopman Cup a few years back.

I thought the guy who will be playing Superman in the new movie looked remarkably like Christopher Reeves as Clark Kent. Spooky.

One bloke, didn't catch his name as I was doing the dishes, gave a great acceptance speech by pretending that his wife wrote it and gave to him. It was full of praise for his wife. Hopefully he won his award for writing scripts.

Desperate Housewives
. I've only seen a few episodes. Might be nice to look at but I don't think that they are great actresses. What were they thinking as they were being introduced as nominees by Chris Rock?

Marcia Cross - "Sucked in bitches. I got named first."
Teri Hatcher - "Sucked in bitches. I got to present an award."
Felicity Huffman - "I don't need to clap myself, bitches. I have more class than that."
Eva Longoria - "I'm the only one that the public notices." Or, "This is the most difficult acting by anyone here tonight, apart from Sandra Oh from Gray's Anatomy (never watched) and her over-the-top acceptance speech, as I have to pretend that I like these bitches."

All together, when the other nominee won - "Who's that bitch?"

I surprise myself. I know the names of the actresses but not their character names. It's almost pure drivel anyway.

Anthony Hopkins (why did Gwyneth Paltrow insist on saying "Antony"?) being presented with the Cecil B. Demille Award was very touching. Marvellous actor.

And that's a wrap.


Hammysmum said...

I think Anthony Hopkins plays himself most of the time. The only thing I liked him in was, Shadowlands. He played the authour C.S.Lewis, who wrote , The Lion, The Withc And the wardrobe, etc. Then again, I never met Mr. Lewis, so don't know how much like him the portayal was.

lori said...

i thought it was pretty cool watching it last night.. the speeches were lame tho.. and how skinny do those women have to be?

megha said...

maybe anthony is antony by the same rule that the thames is tames.

Hammysmum said...

Megha, Thames is pronounced Tems. It is just one of the vararies of the English language.