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Hammy's 2005 Trip To Korea And Japan - Dec 8th

Our 7 o'clock wake up call came at 7:22. Finalised packing and walked to the airport shuttle bus top which was just around the corner. The hotelkeeper walked Yu-Jin to the bus stop and came running back soon afterwards with a glove that we had left behind. Didn't have the heart to tell her that we didn't want it. I left my trusty old sneakers for someone else to get some good use out of them.

On the bus to the airport we passed a part of town where nearly every shop was a bridal/wedding shop. Miky said that it was next to the top women's university. What exactly are they encouraging their top female students to do immediately following completion of their degrees?

One street has three crossing signs - a timer, a bunch of descending arrows and the little green man. How many ways do people need to be told how much time they have?

Huge land reclamation going on along the foreshore of Hangang. I hate Korean distance bus drivers - accelerate, coast, accelerate, coast. Don't these guys know how to drive at a set speed? Surely you use more fuel driving in that manner too. Airport shuttle bus was only 8000 Won/adult and they didn't charge for Yu-Jin. At the last stop before the expressway they warned us to put our seatbelts on. Don't these guys realise that bus drivers are at their most dangerous in the city?

At the airport Miky wasn't happy with a 3000 Won fee for a small postage box and 9000 Won for postage. It was just a shirt or something. Daylight robbery actually. Could have sent about 6kg of stuff back to Australia for that price. She wandered off to get a coffee and was gone for the next 20 minutes.

I didn't that we would get our carry-on luggage aboard as it was quite bulky but I was proved wrong. Miky had her bag screened and they confiscated a knife. They screened the bag again but left her scissors inside. So much for airport security. After reaching the gate we only had 45 minutes before departure. Not enough time to find the cheap booze for my workmate as in an earlier duty-free shop I had visited.

Bit of an annoying flight as we had a very loud Korean family with two boys behind us kicking the seats and dropping and closing the table continuously. Yelling and carrying on was a bonus. Didn't get a lot of sleep before arriving in Kuala Lumpur for a nearly three hour stopover.

I wonder who gets paid to wind the headphone wires nicely, and how much. Would've preferred a window seat to get a few last pics of Korea.

Miky bought some rings and cosmetics duty-free. I told her where we would be when she had bought her cosmetics but she didn't show up. Looked for her for five minutes before finding her and she was a bit peeved as she had spent quite a bit of time looking for us and couldn't understand why I was upset. Typical woman. I told and showed her where we would be but it had failed to register with her. No harm done. Entered the draw to win a Mercedes Benz.

Three travellers on the plane.

The boy needs to grow a bit to fit into the headphones.

Next to me on the flight to Perth is Jerzy from Poland. He has a 33 hour journey from Warsaw to Perth via Amsterdam and Kuala Lumpur. He noticed some gas coming inside the plane at the ventilation near the exit sign in the middle of the plane prior to takeoff.

Post-landing at Kuching at 11pm and I am really struggling due to lack of sleep retty much for the last two and a half weeks. Miky has had enough. Yu-Jin is being irritable. Not due to lack of sleep - he's bored.

It's nice to hear a few more Aussie accents. When travelling in Asia I have really avoided contact with non-Asians. I guess when in Asia I only want to see Asians and think that foreigners shouldn't be there. It is only then that I think about myself.

Jerzy thinks that we made an emergency landing in Kuching - his 2nd in four months. I can't convince him that this was a planned stop. He managed to get a three month visa for his 40 minutes on land and only just happened to get back on the plane in time.

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