Thursday, January 05, 2006

Food Wars - Yoghurt vs Bread

We are having a little food war at our house currently. Miky tasted some yoghurt at Keiko's house whilst in Japan and had to buy some. It is culture in a packet and you make it yourself. I wasn't too keen on spending $15 for a flimsy little packet as I can buy a whole kilo of the stuff at the supermarket for about $3.

Somehow she got it through customs and creating it involves putting some of the culture into a container and adding water. Then she wraps it up in an electric blanket and warms it until ready. The first batch took some 15 hours to prepare and then the next batch, as you leave some of the prepared stuff in the container, only takes about 5 hours.

It tastes very nice and is she so pleased to be making something so tasty? Every day it was, "Oh, let's try some of my yummy yoghurt" or "Have some of my delicious yoghurt." You get the idea. It was like a new toy, like a personal blog, so precious and to be respected. On and on she went. Good stuff though.

My mum gave me some money for Christmas. Miky bought sneakers with her money (big thanks Ma) and I put the money towards a breadmaker. I managaed to get the cheapest guys in town to knock $40 off so I think I did ok. Miky complained bitterly before I bought it and continued once it had been bought.

Once she had tasted the bread comments like "Mmm, that is nice" and "We should get some more bread mix" etc were flowing readily. Get this - this morning I caught her eating just some crust. And Miky hates crust. She is one of those people that removes crust from their bread. When I challenged her she replied, "But this one tastes so nice."

Let the battle continue. I have more flavours of bread mix at hand than she has flavours for yoghurt though.


Ben said...

I have similar experiences:

I have a bread maker, how many bread we make now? zero.

We have a soy drink maker, how many litre we make now? zero.

At least the blender I bought is being used more often.

Hammysmum said...

I think the bread maker will pay for itself first!