Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I'd Be Depressed Too

I was quite surprised by Geoff Gallop's resignation as Western Australian premier yesterday. Can't blame him for being depressed though. What, exactly, did he have going for him?

He was premier for five years and all the news reports can say about him was that he put an end to old growth logging, created a bit of electoral reform and signed the biggest gas deal in WA history. Doesn't sound like he achieved a lot.

Look who he had in his team:

Eric Ripper - Treasurer and, relatively, placid deputy premier (not much of a threat). Not too many redeeming features.
Allanah Mactiernan - Former Minister for "Drink Driving" and now Planning and Infrastructure, which could also be called "How to waste money on a metro rail project".
Michelle Roberts - Minister for "I have no idea how to run a police force", otherwise known as the Police Minister. Could also been known as the Minister for Escapees at Large.
Ljilljana Ravlich - Haven't seen too much of her but she doesn't inspire me with her handling of the Education ministry.
Jim McGinty - Attorney General, Minister for Health, Minister for Electoral Affairs. Overseeing a criminal justice system not held in high regard. Bit spineless.

Yes Geoff, I would be depressed too. The cynic in me says that he won't be seeking treatment in the public health system. Now I see that as a failure of your government.


tmz_99 said...

The mere mention of Michelle Roberts makes me cringe.. :|
Somebody should tell the weilderbeast to go out to pasture.

lori said...

i'm thinking it was brave of him to admit that he had a problem. I didn't comment about how crap the libs are, when the liberal leader of the opposition in NSW tried to kill himself . I don't think you should deride Gallop from standing up and admitting he is clinically depressed.

cheap shot hammy :-/

Hammy said...

Michelle Roberts the wildebeest - great, I've not heard that one before. So apt.

Cheap shot and on target. Talking it over with the guys at work and they mentioned how sick he looked and how much weight he had lost. I'm not so much taking a shot at Geoff Gallop but the Labor Party - if you didn't notice. Well, maybe a little bit. Certainly not having a crack at his illness. Brave man to come out like he has. I have more time for him than John Brogden.