Monday, January 02, 2006

Little Going On To Greet The New Year

I didn't manage to stay up to greet the New Year. I dropped off to sleep about 15 minutes prior to but was woken by the fireworks shortly afterwards.

We taped the movie Hercules on the Friday night and Yu-Jin was very keen to watch it. I watched most of it with him and we spent a bit of time researching Hercules on Wikipedia afterwards and it makes for great bedtime reading. Great for me as there are so many names mentioned that I recognise but not so great as Yu-Jin has almost a question per sentence as it introduces so many words or concepts that he doesn't know. Hopefully he is able to take a fair bit in because there is plenty of info for him.

I played golf on the Saturday and came to the realisation that playing in the club that I intended to join isn't going to work out. They tee off at 10:30 which means arriving by about 9:30 to register/warm up, it takes about 40 mins for everyone to tee off, you have to wait for everyone to finish and then head back to the clubrooms. The whole day concludes about 5pm which is far too late. I much prefer to tee off about 8am and finish around 1:30 or so. They don't seem like a bad bunch of guys, and there are several nearest-the-pins and longest drive competitions, but it's not for me at the moment. I can't justify the time involved. Oh well, the handicap will be put on the backburner for a while.

That night Yu-Jin and I did a play for Miky. Yu-Jin decided that he wants to be an actor so we made up "The White Knight vs The Black Knight". He played his part ok. Later we wrote "Cops and Robbers" but he was a little more shy about delivering his lines.

New Years Day saw us head to the Bellhouse Cafe in South Perth in the arvo. Yu-Jin couldn't wait to get out of there and into the playground. First warm day for a while. Perth had the coldest December on record by-the-way. Nice way to start the new year. We came home and tended the garden.

Australia is a great country as we had the Monday off as a public holiday. If a holiday falls on the weekend then we have the following workday off. Excellent. Bit of a sleep in and we all went to the park to kick the football. Had a sleep in the afternoon also. I really had the day off. Yu-Jin and I did some more gardening and then I wet him with the hose so he had to have a bath. Miky made tempura for tea and I made a salad. Yes, I made a salad.

Following tea time Yu-Jin and I had some knight vs dragon fighting and light sabre battles before bedtime. I read him four of the labours of Hercules, or Heracles in Greek, before saying goodnight.

Thanks to all those friends who responded to my New Years email. It gave me a bit of work to do and I really appreciated hearing from you.

A slow kick-off but a nice relaxing way to start the New Year.


tmz_99 said...

Good to see the little one has an interest in mythology.. It's truly an awesome field from which to learn.

Hammysmum said...

What ,pray, is Tempura?

Hammy said...

Tom - Mythology is pretty mindblowing for a kid. So many ideas and great powers etc. For me, I recognise so many of the names but don't know what they are famous for.

Mum - Tempura is battered and deep fried food. We had prawns, squid and some octopus. Tempura can also be made with carrot, eggplant, zucchini etc. Yum.

Hammysmum said...

Thank you for that. Not the sort of tucker for one wishing to lose weight??

Hammy said...

No worries. Yeah, unless you were huge there is little chance of losing weight on that for a diet. But the inside is fairly healthy material.