Monday, January 23, 2006

Haircut Sunday, Haircut Monday

Yep, had a decent haircut yes'dee. Miky has been at me for a while to get my nose hairs trimmed as well. So this morning, after noticing that the longest hairs on my head were those that were poking out of my nose, the decision was made to cut. Miky got the sharpest tiny scissors in the household and I said "No way". One slip and half my nose would be hanging off. She got the safety scissors and made me look less Frankenstein-like.

Two haircuts in two days. Not quite a record. I had a haircut once and went back the next day to get it fixed up. Never got a flattop from that hairdresser again. And he never offered to cut my hair again.


Hammysmum said...

Was that a close shave, or what?

Lavinia said...

lol, great blog.

Really funny and informative too. A rare combination. Thank you for stopping by at mine:)

Hammy said...

The number one on the sides was pretty close. My boss gave me some stick but then he said he wished he had enough hair to get a flattop.

Hi Lavinia.