Monday, January 16, 2006

Need To Go To Work For A Rest

I've had a busy weekend. I guess we all have. On Saturday Yu-Jin and I went to Bunnings so that he could do some woodwork. Bunnings do some do-it-yourself projects to keep kids busy during the holidays and they are very popular. Saturday's project was a noughts and crosses board. I'm hoping that Yu-Jin will listen to instructions better by attending these classes - still requires work in this area. I was a bit surprised to bump into one of his old childcare friends, who has since become a non-friend as he is selfish and a bully, and the child's father. A few awkward moments ensued but the kids forgot all about their troubles and organised to play in the playground after they had finished their project.

Miky attended a gym class whilst we were at Bunnings. After that we went grocery shopping. It's been a while since I've been allowed to do that. Bumped into some friends from childcare I haven't seen since I was allowed to go shopping and their son. Yu-Jin and their son were very good friends but haven't seen each other for ages. The boy is doing taekwondo on Saturday mornings. Seeing as it was a nice day I bought some food suitable for a BBQ. Upon our return home I prepared food for the BBQ and then cooked it. Noice. Had to rush Yu-Jin with eating of said BBQ as his taekwondo class started fairly soon afterwards. Just had time to put some bread pre-mix in the breadmaker and add some sultanas prior to leaving.

It turned out that Yu-Jin had a couple of free classes to see if he liked it and Saturday was his second class. He required quite a bit of help during the stretching exercises as the instructions were uttered fairly quickly and he has this problem with listening. Hmm, I don't think that I was any different. Too keen to get on with it so it's not entirely unhealthy. Come fighting time and he was full of enthusiasm. I found it really strange to listen to the few words in Korean that the instructor used. Taekwondo classes in Korea were guided far more towards fitness with lots of exercises included. In Australia they are two-thirds stretching then one-third fighting/technique.

Back home I did a bit of plasterboard work in the passageway. The new bread was scrumdiddlyumptious. Had to eat the lunchtime leftovers for tea, I didn't have time to prepare anything, because Yu-Jin and I wanted to go to the movies to see Chicken Little. Quite an entertaining movie as it turned out. We stopped at McDonalds for icecream cones, complete with Flakes, afterwards.

Sunday morning saw me up very early as I a 7:55 tee off north of the river with friends Shayne and Joe. Shayne came to my place and I drove as he took me to Hammersley Golf Course last time. Fairly warm day and we drank lots of fluids. I had a run of three pars at one stage and six overall but the three 8's and four 7's didn't help. A mixture of nice golf and some rubbish. Following last weekends lesson I have adapted my swing a bit and that, coupled with brain failure to a lesser degree, lead to at least three complete shanks off the tee. Putting was pretty good and I had 31 putts with no three-putts. Three times we had a longest drive competition for a drink and only once did anyone put their drive on the fairway. 1/9 wasn't a good return. We did have a nearest the pin comp on the 16th and my tee shot finished just short of the green. I did par the hole though. It feels funny to say this but my 4-iron was my best club for the day. We mightn't have played too well but we had a good time. I've picked up a good case of tendonits in my left knee thanks to the golf.

Mark - 100 (31) - 47 and 53
Joe - 102 (35) - 52 and 50
Shayne - 115 (36) - 57 and 58 [sorry mate, I have to include the two shot penalty for you hitting Shayne's ball on the 14th]

Returned home for lunch and then I finished off the plasterboard in the passageway. Yu-Jin helped put the plasterboard cement on the back and he even helped cutting the plasterboard by holding it steady. Holding it steady until he came to the realisation that it was too heavy for him to hold. We had a moment there were I threw away my knife to catch the plasterboard and almost got him in the foot. Whoops.

Outside to kick a footy for a while before we rode our bikes to the petrol station to get a newspaper. Not too pleasant on the tendonitis actually. Our neighbour came over to get my signature on a mortgage application and hopefully that will lead to her having enough money to put a patio on the front so that we can make our sunroom/entrance. That's a little bit further down the track.

Whilst waiting for Yu-Jin to finish his tea I was able to relax a bit and read quite a lot of the paper. We then watched a few fairy tales on a DVD I bought around Christmas time. Shower, story and off to bed. For Yu-Jin at least. I washed the dishes before heading that way myself.

Like I said, I need to go to work for a rest. Pretty good way to spend the weekend though. I don't know why I have to wait until school holidays before I spend so much time with my son. It might have something to do with the fact that his day is quite busy when he is at school whereas at the moment he spends a lot of time at home during the day.


Hammysmum said...

Hopefully, the perpetual golf calendar I have sent you, will help with you game!
Did you hear the one about the avid golfer who was trying out his new golf clubs and couldn't understand why his hands kept slipping off the handles? His wife said it might help if he removed the protective plastic covers!! Duh.

megha said...

talking of korean, i watched s.korea on tv an hour ago :) seoul and jinbu and adong (?) and mmmm...a lovely park in jinbu with many monasteries. have you been on the metro train in seoul with the themed compartments? it's so funky!

Hammy said...

Mum - I need something to help my golf. Gotta get used to the new swing and grip. That joke was with the MM magazine cutouts you sent.

Megha - all of the subway trains were covered in advertising. I haven't made it to Jinbu or Andong.