Monday, January 23, 2006

Quiet Weekend

I was going to play golf this weekend but my playing partners were working and seeing the dentist. Bit worried about the tendonitis in my knee but when I woke up on Saturday morning the decision had been made for me - I had a crick in my neck. No golf for me this weekend.

Yu-Jin's project at Bunnings was painting a pot plant and planting a plant. He rather enjoys the art and craft and I hope that augurs well for school. Next stop was Wooldridges to get a booklist for school, I'm disappointed that the school hadn't sent us the booklist firstly, and purchase his school supplies. Plenty of textas, pencils, glue, scrapbooks etc. The only text books are a handwriting book, maths and spelling.

Had to have a laugh when the name of Princess Mary's baby's name was finally made known. I think that it was on the tv and they said "Christian Vladimir Henry John". I thought, "Where the hell did they get 'Vladimir' from?" It turns out that his second name is Valdemar.

Saw a nice tattoo yesterday at the petrol station. If I ever get one then I want one of the Essendon Logo. The bloke filling up next to us had one. I mentioned it to Miky and she said, "What if you change your team?"
When I replied that she doesn't understand football supporters and that that never happens she said, "What if that guy from Collingwood (Eddie Maguire) bought Essendon?"
"In that case I would have to get a gun and shoot him. There's no way that I would change my team."

Yu-Jin and I had a swim at the pool yesterday and he is certainly improving and isn't afraid to go underwater. I cooked a BBQ for tea and Miky made the salads. Watched Sharapova vs Hantuchova last night. What an excellent game of tennis. I was actually disappointed to see Hantuchova lose. I have a bit of a soft spot for Slovaks. Too tired to watch Ljubicic vs Johansson even though the skills were of a very high level.


Hammysmum said...

His third name is Henri, not Henry!! It is French, don't you know? Just like his paternal grandpa.

Hammysmum said...

I think playing tennis is searing heat is on a par with the Tour Down Under. NUTS!!! Tell Miky to wash her mouth out! Eddie McGuire indeed!

Hammy said...

I am aware of the spelling being Henri but for pronunciation purposes the newsreader said Henry. Just to clear that up.

Hammysmum said...

Yes. But like I said, it is FRENCH and not pronounced Henry!!!! I can't help it if we have totally, uncultured ignoramouses reading the news!