Friday, January 20, 2006

As If Any More Proof Was Required That All Subaru Drivers Are Dickheads

A couple of instances popped up yesterday to prove the theory that all Subaru drivers are dickheads. There is an intersection in Subiaco, near the markets, where the righthand lane is for turning right only. Guy in a Subaru takes the shortcut down this lane, as there is little traffic, and then changes lanes through the traffic lights. Dickhead. Not only that but at the next set of lights, some 40-50m down the road (it is a bit of a silly setup) there was another Subaru driver who did exactly the same thing! I found that a little bit difficult to believe.

Miky started a new part-time job yesterday and wasn't interested in cooking so we went out for sushi in Vic Pk. She told me where she wanted to go and when we got there there was no sushi shop. Her normal comments like, "You're wasting my time", "You're wasting my day", "You've ruined my life" sprang to mind. Did I refrain from using them on her? No. We can laugh about that sort of thing.

I noticed the Kabuki Japanese Takeaway on our walk so we popped in there. Nice enough. Just pricey as Japan, without the atmosphere. After doing our grocery shopping at the nearby Woolies we went back to the car only to find a Subaru parked right near my front bumper. Not happy, let me tell you.

Is any further proof required?


Joe said...

Don't hold it against them, Hammy. I think they have to drive that way otherwise they void the warranty.

Hammy said...

Thank you for clearing that up so succinctly Joe. You have hit the nail on the head.