Saturday, January 07, 2006

Hammy's 2005 Trip To Korea And Japan - Dec 9th

After a few hours shuteye we are greeted by a very different dawn with deep red colours. Definitely back in Australian airspace. The pilot has just welcomed us and told us that we will be landing at 5 to 5 in the evening. Maybe he was served alcohol instead of orange juice. I certainly plan to land in the morning. Didn't receive enough arrival cards for Australia - bit poor really. Miky did have them but travelling had frazzled her brain to such a point that she didn't realise or forgot.

Immigration/Quarantine took 1 hr 15 mins and they are very thorough these days. Had to hire a maxi taxi as we had so much gear. The cabbie was an Indian and he wanted to know about Korean food. Nice to be able to talk with a cabbie again. Didn't get the chance in Korea. Got home a 20 to 7 [Editor's note - regret not taking a photo of all the luggage to compare with when I left].

Three sales calls within the first 11 hours of returning. I should just leave the phone turned off I think. Went shopping at Woolies and appreciated how cheap their expensive bread is in comparison with Korea. The streets are much wider. Fuel is only just over half price in Australia. Asians don't dress very well in Australia but are very fashion conscious in Korea. Drivers aren't as crazy. I wish people would give me the prices in Korean.

There was a channel on the plane devoted to Quranic Verses. Odd. At KLIA Yu-Jin had asked me, "Why are there so many brown people?"

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