Monday, January 09, 2006

Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Husband

I've just perpetuated an unbreakable, hidious cycle.

Friday was 37.9 degrees C. First day of summer weather really. Saturday, prior to taking Yu-Jin to a taekwondo lesson a week before it started (thank you Miky), I cleaned the air conditioner. Got up on the roof, pulled off the covers, dodged the spiders, brought the covers down and put detergent on them, sprayed them with the hose, cleaned the air conditioning unit (want to avoid Legionnaires disease), reassembled the covers and kicked it in the guts - started it, for those of you who don't speak Strine.

Sunday we went for a walk and I got Yu-Jin to climb his first tree by himself. Following a thirty minutes free golf lesson that took one hour and fifteen minutes, which I had won using my business card in a competition, at Whaleback Golf Course with pro Mike Keneally, Yu-Jin and I purchased more plasterboard at Bunnings and some board to make battens and hooks so that I could install some venetian blinds. The blinds themselves have been sitting in the sewing room for 12 months awaiting installation. Look alright too.

Why am I so stupide? My wife nagged me to clean the air conditioner and install the blinds. Now that I have reacted to the nagging and done what was required she'll be more likely to try nagging to get what she wants. I've shown that nagging is effective.

I apologise to husbandkind for my stupidity.


Hammysmum said...

What wuz you thinkin'? You didn't have your 'thinking head' on, did you?!!!!

Joe said...

It's not so much that you did it, Hammy, it's that you blogged about it giving wives everywhere a chance to say "Why can't you be more like Hammy and do the things I ask?"

Hammy said...

Once again my apologies. Not that I have too many wives reading this blog, to the best of my knowledge. This may lead to less marriages and more defacto relationships in our society so that you can't be nagged as a husband and I don't believe that that is beneficial either.

I really should encourage wifekind. Shame on me.

Ben said...

As a husband, I know that when my wife asks for something to be done, it has to be done at one time or another. You can challenge the importance and urgency of doing it, and that can buy you some time. Then decide if you are going to do it at all when to do it. If you delay enough she might do it herself, otherwise ask her to help you as much as possible while you do it, she might do at least half the job.

To even out, you have to ask her to do more stuff for you that you would not want to do. If she doesn’t want to: you can say: “you see, this is how you make me feels with your requests.”

Interesting point to observe, how much of the nagging is manipulative talks though.

Finally, women will be women, married or not.

Hammy said...


I have a wife with whom delaying the inevitable doesn't mean that she will do it. Stubborn, obstinate, stick-to-your-guns type. If she believes that it is my job then there's no way that she will be doing it.

On the other hand, she does a lot for me that I don't ask to be done so I guess I can be fair about that.

NewYorkMoments said...

Why do you think nagging has lasted throughout the ages? It's effective.

Hammy said...

It's effective and children are often highly skilled at doing it. You can smack a kid on the bum and tell them to shutup but try doing that to your missus and look out.