Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I May Have The Dreaded Lurgi

Yesterday I developed a sore throat and today has seen a few more visits to the Little Boys room than normal. Not feeling the best. Yu-Jin has been suffering from a runny nose for a few days and Miky got some medicine for him on Saturday. I'm not sure that he should even go to taekwondo tonight.

This morning I said to him, "You gave me your sore throat," and he replied, "No I didn't. I've still got it."

Can't argue with that reasoning.


Ben said...

People should be wearing protective masks all the time.

Even I was not sick, I hope it was not from us [all the family].

Hammysmum said...

Smart cookie, you son.Is that lateral thinking?

Hammy said...

It's not bad. And don't forget that he is sick. And it was early in the morning. But perhaps we look at kids being smart because their thinking isn't clouded like ours. Maybe that would be better for all of us to think that way.

Hammysmum said...

Yeah, but is it lateral thinking?

Hammy said...

More logical than lateral.