Saturday, January 28, 2006

My Most Glorious Sporting Non-Achievement

This Saturday, the 28th of January 2006, must go down in the annals of history as one for the worst losses in sporting history. No, it wasn't a loss at Battleships, that hasn't happened yet against Yu-Jin. Nor at tic-tac-toe. Definitely not chess.

Here's a great online Battleship game - my best score is 4520.

Battleship - the classic boardgame

No, it was far worse than that. This was more skilful and competitive and took the form of Lego Football. I think that it was Lego Soccer when I bought it initially but things change quickly around here. Never have I been beaten before. Today marked the end of an era. After having trounced Yu-Jin in the first game we swapped sides and he delivered a right royal thrashing. I came back from 8-4 down to challenge at 8-7 but he steadied and won 10-7. Oh, the ignomy. Oh, the pain. Oh, the bragging rights that are going to be put into such good use.

The pitch. Scene of the massacre.

That No. 9 in white (Yu-Jin's team) looks like a right thug.

Battlefield football.

Overhead view of the battlefield.


Hammysmum said...

I hope one day, Yu-Jin realises how lucky he is to have a father who plays games with him!

Hammy said...

He played Miky twice yesterday and beat her both times!

I know what you mean.