Monday, March 20, 2006

This Drive-Through Nonsense Has To Stop

You can get drive-through service at fast food places. McDonalds, KFC etc have been doing it for ages. I hear in the US of A they have drive-through banks, post offices and somesuch. Hey, you can buy drive-through coffee here. I believe that Los Angeles has a drive-through church.

When will this nonsense end? People are becoming all too accustomed to the convenience that their cars offer and the way they are pampered by all manner of businesses. Yesterday I spotted a drive-through telephone booth in Vic Park. It's already been used as you will no doubt tell from the pictures below that show that it has been driven-through alright.

Driven-Through Public Telephone Booth Pic 1.

Driven-Through Public Telephone Booth Pic 2.

Driven-Through Public Telephone Booth Pic 3.

I took the photos this morning on the way to work and a couple of council "workers" said to me, "Good photo, mate?" He laughed once I explain that it was a drive-through telephone that had been driven-through. I wonder if this was one of the 5500 public telephones that Telstra wishes to remove as it isn't profitable? Not profitable any more.


Jen said...

Rather than this stopping Telstra from having the "drive through phone", it'd be safe to assume that they will reinstall one with steel reinforcements and extra concrete.

Telstra is just logical and efficient that way.

Hammysmum said...

Do you have your tongue firmly planted in your cheek, Jen? There are easier ways to accomplish the job, and far less costly too.

honkeie2 said...

from the way these fat lazy bastards over here think they want drive thru everything. We have drive thru liquor stores and I just found a drive thru landscaping/hardware store here in NJ. Drive thru Coffee shop, fast food, pharamcy, and everything under the sun delivery services. Is it me are ppl getting fatter and lazier by the day?

Hammy said...

It's not you Honkeie. And we Aussies are one of the fattest and laziest of the human species. I forgot about the drive through bottlo. They've been around for ages. Drinking and driving - what a combination.