Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Learning To Read Can Be Fun

Yu-Jin is beginning to read. Every day he brings home two books from school that need to be read as homework. They are usually "Rhymes With ..." and another book based on a single letter in the alphabet along the lines of "This is a ...". Being picture books the last word is usually fairly easy to work out.

Yesterday's book was a bit more fun. It was about textures - rough, smooth, wrinkly, soft, etc. The last word to learn was "bumpy". As he was unable to read it immediately I got him to sound out the letters and then for the first syllable only - bum. Once he learnt that the word bum was included in bumpy it suddenly made reading fun. Only problem was that the preceeding word was "prickly" and I don't think I need to teach him the first syllable of that word.

Who writes these "children's books" anyway? They should be a bit more carefully planned to take into account those learning syllables.


Ben said...

Is it the same for you? I don't remember when and how I learnt to read: All I know now is that when I look at printed text I know what they mean, and I can also put to words my thoughts.

Hammysmum said...

Dignity, always dignity, dear boy! Bit of decoram doesn't hurt either.

Joe said...

Too funny, Hammy. It almost makes me want to write a children's book.