Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Sensible Way To Spend The Holiday

Labour Day, apparently, used to be May Day, and was celebrated on May the 1st. I heard yesterday that this was all a bit too communist and so was changed to the first Monday in March. Well, the weather was much more likely to be better in March too.

How did I spend yesterday? After brekkie we went to the park and I mucked around with Yu-Jin in about 36 degrees. Then we went to Bunnings to check out the basins. Miky wants to get some work done in the bathroom. Oh, no! Look out! We ended up buying lots of compost and related products with Miky spending the next few hours in the garden. Yu-Jin and I did some cleaning. He did his room (amazing, I know) and I tidied up the shed (incredible, it's true - shutup).

Lunch didn't happen 'til nearly 2:30 but it was worth waiting for. A lovely chicken dish. By 4 o'clock Miky had gotten into me enough to do some rendering. Why is it called a holiday? I'd bought a bag of cement render back in January and it's been sitting outside for most of this time so was a bit hard in places. Emptied it into a wheelbarrow, I only have the one, and proceeded to knock out the hard bits. Mixed it all up and took it inside.

Plan was to render the wall in the dining area. I found that the gaps between the bricks needed to be filled first and that was a bit difficult with my big trowel. Miky found a tiny trowel but it was still too fiddly and only a one person job. Out came the gloves and we put it on by hand. I'm so glad that she wanted to help. By about 7 o'clock we finished, by which time we were quite warm as the air conditioning had to be off whilst we did it, and pizza was the only thing on the menu.

Had to remember to suck the guts in for this photo.

I reckon it should scrub up alright. Now all I have to do is convince the missus of its rustic charm so that I can get out of painting it.

Rendered wall looks alright, eh?

Tried Domino's new Puff Pizza and it was nice. I would even have it again. Much better than the triple cheese base.


Hammysmum said...

Don't like your chances of convincing Miky, but go your hardest!

gleek said...

looks like a fun filled holiday! ;)