Friday, March 24, 2006

Purple Cobras Volleyball Update

Thursday nights are volleyball nights. Our team, the Purple Cobras, played at 6 o'clock last night. There were two new faces last night, Fong and Matt, but we only had a team of four. If you know anything about sport you'll realise that a full team is six. Our opponents, on the other hand, had a squad of 12! Yikes. I've played indoor soccer before where we were short and played against a good team and then thrashed them. It's all about teamwork.

We were a little disorganised in the first set and lost. I heard the captain of the other team say that as they had a lot of players, mainly school kids, they would swap them around to give everyone a go. I told our team that we were warmed up and had a feel for the ball whereas the kids would be a bit nervous. We caned them. In fact, we won the next two sets.

In the fourth set I think we became a little tired and they brought their experienced old heads back onto the court and we went down. Bugger. So we drew last night.

I remember my only game as captain of our B-grade hockey team and we had a team of nine, part of the reason I was made captain, out of a squad of 11, and we lead for all the game until the last five minutes when they equalised and we drew. I'm quite happy to be the underdog as it makes winning a little bit sweeter.

Just got to get that winning bit sorted out.

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